At My Body My Vision, we develop customized, one-on-one  coaching programs addressing your individual needs and health concerns.  Programs are 12 weeks in length and include:

  • A FREE copy of the F I T program manual
  • Weekly coaching sessions & check-ins with your coach
  • Customized meal plans & client-only app access
  • A progressive exercise plan based on your level of fitness
  • Personalized weekly homework assignments, reflections & goals
  • Email & text support during program

12-week program schedule

  • The first session is a discovery session, where we do an in-depth exploration of what your goals/desires are, explore areas of resistance/barriers to success, and we start developing a program based on your specific needs, goals, and what you’re ready for (readiness is a REAL THING!)
  • Sessions 2-10 are check-ins.  You’ll share what’s working from week to week and where you’re struggling.  Based on your progress, the plan evolves.  It’s highly intuitive and based on your individual needs.  There are also assignments from week to week.  You’ll get a copy of the F.I.T programming manual for free, which is packed with information, resources and activities!
  • Sessions 11 & 12 are focused on preparing you to come off the program.  Here’s where we finalize your long-term goals and strategies for success.  We do everything we can to empower you to take this into your own hands and steer the ship!

Individual Health Coaching: $1,997
Note: Schedule your free discovery call to see if you’re a good fit for individual coaching.

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Virtual Small Group Coaching (4 person max): $997 per person
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Corporate Wellness & Well-being Programs available.  Please email to schedule a call.