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Transform the mind and the body will change.

Adopting new health behaviors is tricky.  Learn the psychology behind behavior change and habit implementation.  Discover and uproot subconscious barriers and resistance to change.  Spark intrinsic motivation and eliminate shame-based, all-or-nothing narratives.

  • 2 Steps Forward, 3 Steps Back: The Dance of Change & Overcoming Resistance
  • B.O.S.S. Up: Overcome Barriers, Obstacles, Setbacks and Self-Sabotage
  • Conscious Goal Setting & Creating Your Road Map for Success


Transformation through acceptance.

Release emotional and psychological barriers to success.  You’ll uncover and eliminate self-destructive patterns of thought and establish an identity of worthiness.  You’ll learn the real meaning of acceptance, and the role it plays in transforming your body (and your life).

Topics include:

  • Healing Through Affirming the Body: Releasing Shame-Based Narratives
  • Heart Mapping: Using Your Values Define Success
  • Healing Through Mindfulness: Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Health
  • Practices for Emotional Eaters


Eating with peace, purpose and freedom.

Understand the science of body composition, metabolism and, the role of insulin in fat loss.  Discover proven  & realistic strategies for developing a healthy relationship with food.

Topics include:

  • Ditching the Toxic Dieting Mindset
  • Macro-nutrient Basics
  • Carbs, Insulin, and Body Composition
  • Sugar: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
  • Carb Solutions: Carb Timing, Combining, & Cycling Techniques
  • Additional Dieting Strategies & Overcoming Plateaus
  • Create Your Shopping List
  • Understanding & Using Supplements


Joy and meaning through exercise.

Do you hate exercise?  Do you feel completely lost in the gym?  Are you pretty active but just not sure how to progress your workout program?  Are injuries a common setback for you?  I cover it all in this comprehensive overview.

Topics include:

  • Injury Prevention, Strength Training Basics & Cardio Techniques
  • Purposeful Movement: Joy & Meaning Through Exercise
  • Fitness Class (60 minutes—All levels) (Depends on location).