What are clients saying?

My strengths-based style of coaching is uniquely rooted in the belief that every client can begin enjoying and loving their body NOW while learning to establish new habits and maintain healthy lifestyle changes.

My compassionate and relatable approach adds a unique depth of knowledge and understanding that clients love and want to share!​

Hear directly from past clients how the F.I.T. program has shifted their lives in ways far beyond the scale!  The #FITSPIRATION, and results, speak for themselves.

Sheri A. from New York says:  “Working with Tamara has not only transformed my body, it has also transformed my way of thinking. Her approach has educated and motivated me to sustain a 40‐pound weight loss. There’s no one I’d rather work with. I have been able to truly love my body because of her.  She’s the best of the best!”

Michelle C. from New Jersey says: “Working with Tamara has made such a difference in my life. Not only was I able to lose 30 lbs but I’ve completely changed my relationship with food and my body. After many many years of yo-yo dieting and disordered eating I’ve been able to make truly sustainable changes in the ways I eat and move. With Tamara’s help I learned to eat and move/exercise more intuitively based on my body’s needs and make empowered choices. I also learned to love myself and body in it’s present state. She is super knowledgeable and so incredibly encouraging! It was an absolute pleasure to work with her!!!”

LaVonda B. from Oakland, CA says: “I originally signed up with Tamara for what I thought would be a simple, lasting way to lose weight and keep it off. She was already a friend and I could clearly see the success she had in her own life. But I received so much more. My Body, My Vision is exactly what it says – it’s about YOUR Body and YOUR vision. I literally left the coaching sessions feeling empowered to improve, to grow and to accept myself as I was. I was empowered to meet my goals – not just for diet or exercise, but for life. And it continues well past the allotted coaching sessions! Hire her!”

Jibri D. from Philadelphia, PA says: “6 months ago, I learned that I was pre-diabetic, severely overweight for my height, I was severely depressed but high functioning, and extremely sedentary because of my depression. However, the only thing I knew at that time was that I wanted to turn 30 as the strongest person–mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually– that I could be, so I made a choice to get healthy. I hired Tamara as my health coach and never looked back. She taught me about the dieting and exercise part that could help me curb my pre-diabetes, but also tapped into the emotions around weight releasing and what was causing me to have the weight in the first place. It’s been a journey filled with ups and down, a lot of resistance on my part, breaking free of old habits learned as a child around food, and it’s been a constant commitment in choosing me every day.

Fast forward to today, my doctor calls me and tells me my A1C is 5.2. 3 months ago it was 5.7. That’s the largest drop he’s ever seen for anyone in 3 months! My A1C is in the normal range and I am no longer pre-diabetic!  I’m so grateful for an amazing coach and people supporting me along the way motivating me. But most importantly, I am proud of myself for choosing me every day. This wellness journey is a LIFELONG choice of CHOOSING ME EVERYDAY!!”

Jenna T. from Atlanta, GA says: “My experience with Tamara was absolutely wonderful!  She helped me in a way that no gym membership could ever.  As a young person who never experienced weight problems even after having three children and suddenly gaining an excess of 100 lbs. in about 8 months it was really hard for me to understand and cope.  Tamara was very patient and understanding of my conditions as well (PCOS and joint pain).  She is very well informed about living a healthy lifestyle that makes sense, and if she doesn’t know about something she researches it and consults to give you the best option.  I love how she breaks it down, this is a journey.  It’s a lifestyle and we are not perfect.  We are going to have setbacks and she never focuses on what went wrong but instead what worked!  Tamara is absolutely wonderful.  Working with her I went from a size 14 to a 10, and lost 34 lbs. in 6 months.”

Tiffany Y. from New York, NY says: “I worked with Tamara on my fitness goals during a hard time in my life.  I was a graduate student in an accelerated top graduate program and it was hard to manage my weight. Tamara put me on a weight loss program which was simple yet extremely effective.  While working together I lost 16 pounds in 12 weeks.  Tamara explained food and exercise to me in a way I didn’t understand before.  I wasn’t on a diet, I was on a lifestyle change.  She was always available to chat about food intake and how the decisions I made were reflective of my current beliefs about my body image.  She is a compassionate yet challenging coach, while she didn’t have to raise her voice once she always challenged me to THINK about my choices when it came to my nutrition.  Since her program 2 years ago I have not had to hire additional support for weight loss and even while pregnant I followed her program.  I am happy to say due to Tamara’s coaching I have been able to maintain the body of my choice.  I highly recommend her services.”

Sherry T. from New York, NY says: “I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer.  I will admit that I am not the most athletic and I am no stranger to fad dieting.  Tamara has shown me that healthy eating, carefully calculated and consistent training and overall lifestyle alterations are the key to long-term good health and changes in weight.  From working with Tamara, I have learned that patience and her extensive fitness knowledge are a great recipe for a wonderful client/trainer relationship.”

Dana H. from New York, NY says: “Tamara is a consummate professional.  She is knowledgeable, compassionate, empathetic, encouraging, dedicated and understanding.  Because she has lived this weight loss/fitness journey she comes from a unique perspective that benefits her clients.  If you are looking for someone to listen and then help you change your life look no further.  This is your personal trainer.”

Zakeya W. from New York, NY says: “I feel pretty lucky that I was able to snag Tamara Kellam as a trainer.  There are a lot of folks with a lot of “advice” out there.  Weight loss by itself can be quite overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to navigate the gym all alone.  Working with Tamara has made it a lot easier and completely doable.  She helped me tailor a plan that has enabled me to reach my personal goals and her in depth knowledge kept me realistic about them.  Tamara is the real deal!  During my consultations, all of my concerns were met with a genuine understanding and warmth.  Don’t get me wrong, there are sprinkles of tough love when necessary.  I am pretty close to my end goal but I still look forward to working with her so I can stay on top of my game.”

Andrea M. from New York, NY says: “I’ve had the opportunity to work with Tamara for the past 8 weeks.  Her insight, vulnerability and unwavering support encourages awareness and promotes a positive mindset.  Tamara creates a safe space for clients to explore their innermost feelings about their bodies.  Her program fosters holistic growth and assists with rediscovering self-love and appreciation.  Her knowledge, passion and empathetic approach is highly recommended for your transformational journey.”

Pamela E. from New York, NY says: “Tamara’s successful 100+ pound weight loss drew me to her program.  Her unique approach to releasing weight was new, insightful and extremely useful to me.  Beyond tracking food and exercise, she introduced fresh ideas and practices that produced breakthroughs, beyond the norm.  As a result, I’ve made both mental and physical shifts towards my own weight loss goals.”

Shaunté K. from New Haven, CT says: “I had the privilege of attending one of, in my opinion the most insightful, moving, real, workshops today. I attended one of many available called BOSSUP, hosted by event creator and innovator Tamara Kellam, who is also the founder Of the groundbreaking My Body My Vision. Ms. Kellam brought me to a place of reflection, acknowledgment, critical thinking, and most importantly, strength and empowerment. Her words touched me because they were so relatable, especially when using her own personal experiences to relay her messages. I was fully engaged from the beginning to the end and could have stayed there forever with the deep and meaningful conversation. I felt comfortable being vulnerable. I would recommend her workshop to everyone!

Tamara knows what she’s talking about and isn’t afraid to take on topics that most would find taboo or shy away from. This woman is magnificent on so many levels and there isn’t enough I could possibly say in this review to explain just how much. I invite all to go and see for yourself. If you are ready to open doors to change and empower yourself, Tamara Kellam, My Body My Vision and BOSSUP will help get you there. Thank you for helping me begin my journey to discover my greatness!!!!!”